Human hair serves as a symbol of attractiveness. In the African American community, millions of women are constantly styling their hair to fit certain trends.  For an example woman mimic the Hair styles of celebrities like Beyonce, Mary j blidge, Tyra Bankss who had a show on hair obsession, and many other artist who wears weaves or extensions. This is  because celebrates and their hair styles are seen as what is attractive and appropriate. However, as we woman of color style our hair to fit the trend of these celebrities we damage our own self image. Because weaves, wigs, or anything used to cover up our hair leaves us hidden behind our true self. This can lower woman like my self in the African American comminutes self-esteem, self-image and self-respect. The reason is people are constantly watching and judging in so that we have made  this culturally accepted parameter of what we would consider bad hair meaning hair that is kinky, nappy, thick, coarse, puffy and Good hair means long, wave, soft, straight, easy to comb, bouncy.  If one is not with in the good hair parameter they are then left feeling like an outsider or even ugly.

This is why we spend thousands of dollars to create an image that we believe will make us pretty. Chris rock talks about in his move good hair. In the movie good hair Chris rock tears apart women in the African American community who instead of embrace their ethnic identity they reject it by covering their natural manes. Why are really hiding our natural texture? Even tyra banks discusses this on her show and how we are so obsessed with what people will think or say about our hair that we conform to “ whats in” in order to fit in.

In the movie good hair by Chris rock, Raven Simone mentions how when she is at home she cant wear her natural hair but when she is the public eye she uses wigs or weaves which is what she feels like is socially accepted.  But this obsession has caused tension in these black communities. Jealousy, rages all over who can spend money on “ good hair” and naturally has good hair. We are constantly approving Foucault’s discourses and with this constant fear even paranoia leaves Woman like my self-obsessed with constantly styling their hair because of this unknown identifier that is always watching. This obsession with hair leaves woman choosing whether their hair is good or bad hair.


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