Conflicts between Mexicans and African-Americans have occurred for years, but for unspecified reasons this issue has only been seen as predominant in the West Coast. Nevertheless we have recently seen the rise of media coverage on these attacks in the East Coast. African-Americans and Caucasians have committed these attacks, however I have began to notice that the issue predominantly discussed is that of attacks in NYC by Blacks towards Mexicans. As shown in a RT news report a “string of attacks in Staten Island has caused fear and a new wave of racial hatred” among the people.

      The video shows that these two racial minorities co-exist in the particular area where the assaults have occurred. Proof of this can be found in the New York Times “Distribution of Racial and Ethnic groups map,”
One can see the areas of Staten Island that are densely populated by these ethnic groups. The map also shows how most of the borough is populated by whites, with the northern part of the borough generally populated by Blacks and Hispanics. This suggests that the area in where these minorities co-exist is a lower-income area than the rest of Staten Island. What this report brings to mind is that the influx of immigrants into Staten Island has caused the rise of diversity in poor neighborhoods, yet an increase in social conflict. As stated by an activist in the report, “the latest immigrants always have some difficulty to go through.” But why the social division and conflict between minorities who share similar struggles in the U.S. and are more alike than they might think?
      I believe some of the causes in this particular issue are due to a rise of the poor population, cultural differences, racism between both groups and the underlying views that have come about and been re-enforced by anti immigrant laws/movements. Some of the views re-enforced by these laws and movements are that of illegal immigrants taking American jobs, or committing crimes. This is an argument used by many Americans, including an interviewee in the report. The fact that African-Americans are beginning to accept these views, means that the Latino population (not only Mexicans) have to deal with more pressure within and outside of their minority communities. I say Latino population, because Latino immigrants are the ones mostly targeted by racial discrimination, through these laws and movements.
      I come from a family of immigrants and am considered a 2nd generation immigrant. When these reports of Black on Latino hate crimes began to arise in the media, my parents and other family members began to criticize Blacks. They started to claim that Blacks thought they were superior to us and racist. But what I soon came to realize was that Blacks were committing these crimes based on the same reasons White conservatives were. Blacks are siding with the same conservatives that believe in the trickle down theory and the privatization of jails into million dollar businesses; the same people who stand for these ideas in where the most hurt and taken advantage of are Latinos and Blacks. The difference between Blacks and most of the White conservatives supporting these ideas, is that most of the White conservatives have jobs and are economically stable. Therefore the main reason why I believe African-Americans comply with these views, is because it is seen as a solution and an outlet for Black economic and social frustration. As soon as those African-Americans realize that deporting illegal immigrants without cause will not solve their problems as a minority, the sooner we can unify and focus on creating a better quality of life for everyone.


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