So I found yet another interactive site concerning race. I guess I’m just lucky enough to find these sites around the web. This site is stemmed from a actual exhibit that is in the Science Museum of Minnesota developed by the American Anthropological Association. This site takes a different view on race, the biological aspect that most people don’t think of when thinking of race. I copied small paragraphs from the sites “about section” to kind of give an overview of their stand on race…

“We expect people to look different. And why not? Like a fingerprint, each person is unique. Every person represents a one-of-a-kind, combination of their parents’, grandparents’ and family’s ancestry. And every person experiences life somewhat differently than others.

Differences… they’re a cause for joy and sorrow. We celebrate differences in personal identity, family background, country and language. At the same time, differences among people have been the basis for discrimination and oppression.

Yet, are we so different? Current science tells us we share a common ancestry and the differences among people we see are natural variations, results of migration, marriage and adaptation to different environments. How does this fit with the idea of race?

Looking through the eyes of history, science and lived experience, the RACE Project explains differences among people and reveals the reality – and unreality – of race.  The story of race is complex and may challenge how we think about race and human variation, about the differences and similarities among people.”

Breaking the site apart there were a few interesting sections. In the history aspect of race they provide with this amazing timeline. Starting from the 1600’s till now 2010, the timeline covers just about anything you can think of that has to do with race. From slavery to the civil rights, even to affirmative action and the Patriot Act this timeline is packed with articles on each subject. I only got to read two or three separate ones but wow its packed with information!

A very interesting video under “lived experience” was “A Girl Like Me”. This video spoke of what beauty meant in the minds of black girls. It brought out important issues like hair, skin color, and even how to act. “Black girls all have a big butt and big boobs” “Black girls act ghetto” “Black girls have kinky hair or a weave” All statements made in the video and all statements that circulate in our everyday lives. But sadly many black girls growing up have these mixed messages of themselves…. being black is different but yet it isnt beauty? On advertisements today the concept of beauty is always a light skinned female with perfect straight hair. If a black model is used, usually she falls under this same ideal type (believe it or not). (Just examples to think about: Nikki Minaj, Tyra Banks….) Black girls have traits that make them black, but yet they have to change something about themselves to be “beautiful”.

The site has plenty more to offer, like the “Game of Life Experience” that compares the lives of all different races in the aspects of school, work, income, and even life at home. Under “Human Variation” there is plenty more to view on the biological side of race. Check it out! There is just soooooo much to look at here.

Enjoy Guys!



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