Gulnaz, a 21 year old girl from Afghanistan was raped 2 years ago by her cousins’ husband. Fearing what would happen to her, she did not come forward right away. After realizing she was pregnant, she went to the police to tell them about the rape. At the time of the rape, her attacker was married and this landed Gulnaz in jail for adultery.  She is currently raising her child in jail and has another year to serve. Her 12 year sentenced was reduced to 3 only when she agreed to marry her attacker. People have formed a petition, which has almost 5,000 signatures on it now, in order to get Gulnaz released.

While reading this article, I thought about the topics we talk about in class such as racism in America and it makes it so hard to believe sometimes that some countries are in the same position we were in decades ago. This is a perfect example of how in some countries women don’t have rights and are accused of things, such as adultery, that are far from being their fault.

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  1. eddy05 says:

    It is sad to see things like this happen, but we can’t really judge others religion. That is just how laws in their society is set. I am totally against the fact that she has to marry her rapist when he is the one committing adultery; he is married and it’s not something she asked for. I am very content that petition is out there against this.

  2. It is horrible that such things happen in other countries, especially in this day and age. However I do not think that there is any judgement to the religion. It is not acceptable to rape a woman not matter what religion you affiliate yourself with. The laws of that society cannot just be set a certain way, something more needs to be done. It makes absolutely no sense that the rape victim is the one to serve a sentence in jail, and it makes no sense that she’s being accused of adultery. This goes to show how far women’s rights needs to go in certain countries.