About two weeks ago, there was an Anti- Semtetic hate crime that occurred too close to home. On November eleventh two thousand and eleven, three cars were set on fire in the Midwood section of Brooklyn. Swatstikas, and various Anti-Semetic slurs, such as F*** the Jews, SS, and KKK, were written on nearby cars and benches. Coincidently, November 11th 2011 was the eve of kristallnacht or the night of broken glass in which there were a serious of attacks against the Jewish in Nazi, Germany during the time of World War II. This attack made me realize that Anti-Semitism, the hatred or act of hatred towards Jews, continues to strongly exist. Anti-Semitism serves as an impetus for discrimination or acts of violence against the Jews, mainly in response to a belief of the inferiority of the race and ethnicity of the Jews. Realistically, this is not the first hate crime to occur against the Jewish race. In this case, however, there is an element of personal involvement, since it happened only a number of blocks away from my own home. I personally knew the victim’s whos cars were torched. After I heard about the hate crime, I was petrified and hesitant to walk down the street. This opened my eyes and made me realize that these heinous acts can happen to anyone. Nobody is infallible. In response to the incident, some religious schools were on lock down. A few hours after the incident I received an automated phone call and various emails alerting the community of a meeting with the NYPD and councilman David Greenfield. The meeting was designed for the community to take action, gather information that will lead to the arrest of those responsible for the hate crime, and to come together and discuss safety precautions to further protect its members. This attack forced me to question if Anti-Semitism will ever disappear? Throughout history, the Jewish people have been discriminated against, and regarded as inferior. Over time, the Jews managed to integrate into society. Today, Jews are mostly accepted as equal members of society. So, what is the basis for the continued existence of Anti-Semitism? Lack of education, ignorance, jealousy, and the convenience of blaming others all serve as explanations for Anti-Semitism. In my opinion, there is no justification for any violence or hatred against another group of human beings. Along with educating the public of other groups, I feel that it is ultimately up to the attitude of each individual  for the complete dissipation of Anti-Semitism, or the discrimination against any other race or ethnicity. In reality, I hope for a brighter future, but unfortunately I feel that society has a long way to go.

Below is the E-mail that I received following the incident



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