Are we a racist country? Some may feel that many states in America do as much as they possibly can to eliminate any form of discrimination against minorities in all fields. Many efforts have been put into place in order to have all races on the same level and not to have any preferences over one race or another. In a recent New York Times article, “New Mexico Black Groups Claim Bias at University” , there was a group of Black faculty members and students who felt that they were being discriminated against at a New Mexico University because of their skin color.  The members that had filed the complaint felt that the environment that was created was not a friendly one for black faculty members and students.

Some may wonder why this group of people feels this way.  Is it something that really exists or is it something that they are imagining.  For many years in our history, blacks and many other minority groups have been discriminated against and have not been treated as equal human beings.  In our present day, there is no reason why minority groups, especially in an educational setting should feel that they are being discriminated against.  Are the black faculty members not as qualified as the white faculty members? Do the black students have a different set of requirements than the white students do? The answer to these questions is no. So if this is the case, why are they being treated differently?  In a place where education is the goal and people strive to attend specific universities, any form of a discriminatory thought should be frowned upon.  Our country needs to put greater efforts in having equality acted out.  When there are cases of individuals who pose hate crimes against minorities, it is heart- breaking and unfortunate, but many times it is because those individuals are not educated and are ignorant people. Those cases cannot be controlled until the violators are arrested and punished.  However, when discrimination takes place in an official establishment, extreme actions should be taken place due to the shame that they have caused.

The Unites States of America, a country that promotes democracy and freedom of all kinds, should be the first one to support equality in all shapes and sizes.  As much as equality is preached by our leaders and in all forms of written documents, the action will always speak louder than the words which are spoken.  No minority should feel that they are being discriminated against, especially in a formal educational setting.


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  1. sarahatt says:

    I believe that every country not just America can be racist. Besides, racism exists everywhere and most often people are discriminated all the time. But we mostly, see that it is not the country that is being racist it is the people in that country that discriminate others and push them backwards in striving for the good.