Recently I came across an article in the The Daily News website featuring a year-old video on Youtube that is garnering attention from viewers once again. The video is a speech given at a public forum to oppose the banning of gay marriage by 19 year-old University of Iowa student, Zach Wahls. Zach Wahls was raised in a lesbian family. he says that his family is not any different from a family where parents are heterosexual and describes his own definition of a family.  His argument is strong because he knows firsthand that being brought up by same-sex couples will not effect the psychological development of a child.

I am pro same-sex marriage and I agree with Wahls. There are no scientific studies that show that having same-sex parents can affect the psychological growth of a child. There are many types of families, not just neutral families where there has to be one male father figure and a female mother figure. There should be nothing wrong with a human being marrying another human being. The state gets to collect taxes from them. There is no harm and does not affect the state as much as it will affect the life of same-sex couples with families. Also, just by looking at the appearance of Wahls, no one is capable of distinguishing him from a child who was brought up in a “normal” family (normal as in the parents are heterosexual). If being brought up in a family by same-sex couples have any affect on a child, the only affect we can see from Wahls is that it made him a successful person, which any parent would be proud to say, “That’s my son.”


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  1. ZhuoHe says:

    When I first saw this video, I was extremely touched and stunned at how well-spoken he was. He is a wonderful example that the sex of the parents are not what makes a person. I agree with you that there are many different types of family and a nuclear family is not seen in every single household. There are less negative opinions on being a single-parent and in fact, single-parents are looked upon as strong because they can manage a family by themselves. But because it is a same-sex couple, people view it as being something that can’t be done or wrong.

    His speech and experience is just one example but it’s a strong point that shows who we is not due to have homosexual or heterosexual parents. His speech was so moving and I really hope for the best for him in the future.