On November 13, 2011 TLC premiered a new television series called ” All American Muslim”.  This show follows 5 Muslim families living in Dearborn Michigan which has the largest concentration of Muslims in the United States and is also the home of the largest mosque in the U.S. These families are showing their everyday lives from their struggles to “fit in” to the  “American Culture” after the tragic terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The Muslim communities in the United States negotiate religious and national identity in order do so. After the  attacks it became increasingly difficult for the Muslims to maintain their religious identity in america. America became a difficult place for  Muslims to get by because of all the prejudice remarks and actions.

This show shows the diversity of  the practice of Islam.  For example in one episode  there is a traditionally attractive golden haired event planner Nina, whose newest goal includes opening a night club. she  sits across a couch from fashionably modest Nawal who, along with her husband, is busy preparing to welcome the couple’s first child into the world. Both women are Muslim, but differ greatly in appearance and life purpose.

I have hopes that this television show might open the eyes of some. I believe television can deliver intellectual diversity and cultural awareness.  These secondary experiences will hopefully foster understanding and even respect for the unique differences. In this sense, All American Muslim is definitely good television.





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