As all New Yorker’s know, the subway is not necessarily the most fun place to be in. The overcrowding, occasional homeless people, someone running in between closing train doors to catch that exact train, and the every day rat race is something that all commuters have to get used to. In an attempt to help relieve this over crowding of the subway system, the MTA has been making many new adjustments to the transit system. One of these major projects that they are working on is the Second Avenue subway line. Although this new line will help with the over crowding of trains, the question now is, to what extent are the residents of this new subway line area are willing to go? The continuous blasting followed by dust and soot are not making the residents of the Upper East Side very happy.

With every cause, there is an effect, just like with every pro there is a con. According to the MTA, “the Second Avenue is critically needed to relieve congestion of the East Side of Manhattan”. While many may agree with this, I feel as though people are forgetting about the process that has to happen before this “congestion relief” can begin to take place.

Residents of the Upper East Side have been complaining of the constant blasting from the underground construction. This is just one of the few things that they seem to complain about. Along with the blasting comes the complaints of dust, soot, and the soon developed coughing that many people have appeared to have. As the complaints began pouring into the MTA they had to come up with some sort of solution. They have come up a proposal in which they will only do the blasting “between 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.”, and install “environmental filters like dust bosses, machines that water down the dust inside” which will in turn prevent the dust from rising above ground.

The Second Avenue subway line will wreak many benefits for commuters and for the MTA, but in order to enjoy the benefits, there have to be some sacrifices. Upper East Side dwellers will have to sacrifice some of their peacefulness for some blasting and dust, but in the end it will be making many people a lot happier.


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