As I read some of my favorite blogs beside ours, of course, I am came across several articles that caught my attention, particularly the scientific discovery that Cleopatra, the Egyptian pharaoh, is of African descent.  Cleopatra is believed to be of mixed descent, Greek and African.  My initial reaction was how is this relevant news and recalled similar debate with Tutankhamen, Socrates and more recently President Baraka Obama.

In a previous class I learned of scientific racism when scientists during the 18th and 19th century when scientific technique to try to prove that one race was superior to another.  Additionally scholars were trying to prove that Egyptians were not African.  In my opinion, the most influential civilization was the Ancient Egypt.  Beside the engineering accomplishment of the pyramids, they established a system of and mummification.  They also had written language, court and justice systems, establish a calendar and an irrigation system established around the Nile River.

Many scholars have proven that the Ancient Greek, who receives the credit for western culture, replicated the Egyptians.  It is speculated that the Ancient Greek stole religion and philosophy from the Greeks.  I do agree that Ancient Greek was highly influential on western culture but to not credit the Egyptians for their influence on Greek civilization, is unfair.  I believe this continues to occur because of race.  The amount of research to obtain a racial profile of the Ancient Egypt surpasses the amount invested on the racial profile of the Ancient Greeks.

My train of thought return to so what if she is of African descent does it really matter? Does it discredit or credit her cause she is a women of mixed descent?  Is it still hard to believe that the one of the greatest civilization with such enormous amount of accomplishment and influence on Western civilization were black?

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  1. kryssy87 says:

    I agree with you. i think that it is hard for the “majority’ race to accept the fact that they’re civilization was a direct influence and somewhat replica of a African civilization, let alone a great African civilization. Instead of giving credit where credit is obviously due, they try to rob that glory from the African civilization and claim it as their own. I guess they believed that people of African descent, Black descent, or minority descent could not possibly be capable of such great contributions to the world. In my opinion, this just tells me that what is true in today’s society has been true for past and even first civilizations: racial stereotypes have continually been reinforced throughout history. Which leaves the question could this cycle ever truly be broken?