My answer to my own question is no.  But I’ll explain why!  This girl has an account on YouTube, and she uploads videos of her doing impressions and telling made up stories about people.  In her videos she speaks in accents of different types of people: in the video I shared the link to, she says it is the “Official Jewish Aunt Welcome”, and she has other accents too, including a Dominican accent, and an Italian man from Brooklyn.  Though she does get some good reviews, some people comment saying that her videos are racist, however she never claims that her voices are how EVERY Jewish woman speaks or how ALL Dominican girls talk.  Personally, I think her videos are funny, and I think some people are sensitive.  I also believe that a lot of the people commenting are confusing racism with her acting out stereotypes.  Stereotypes are introduced to us at an early age, in large part through media.  Whether we choose to believe them is our own choice.  Just because one is aware of a stereotype does not mean that they believe in it.  It is nearly impossible NOT to be aware of them, because they are all around us: on television, in movies, and other peoples’ points of view.

And so, I do not think this girl is racist at all.  I think the people who are ‘outraged’ by her videos and and say she is racist do not fully understand what racism is.  She is playing with stereotypes that we’re all aware of, and making a joke of it.  Do you think she is racist?

Here’s the link:


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  1. kristybrito says:

    I cannot say this girl is a racist because I do not know her, but I am also one of those viewers upset about what she is doing. You are right that she projects stereotypes but keep in mind that many stereotypes reinforce negative traits associated with certain groups. It may be easier for us (New Yorkers) to point out that you should not believe all the stereotypes because we share experiences with different people every day. But in other areas where there is less diversity, people may watch this and associate these behaviors to specific groups who they may have little or no interaction with. For example, someone once told me that coming to the U.S. they already had prejudices against blacks because of what they saw in movies back in their home country, they came fearing black people. It’s the same idea here, one watches and consumes the ideas.

  2. jkowanetz says:

    I don’t think that this girl is racist. I really haven’t seen the videos but I feel that in order to say she is racist she would have to be picking on a specific group of people. From this post it seems that she just plays on stereotypes which are a whole different discussion. In one of my other sociology classes we watched a video about the life of a Dominican family and during one part the oldest daughter was being interviewed and she describes one of her sisters as “a typical Dominican.” She bases this on the way her sister acts, talks and the things she does in her daily life. I don’t think that playing off stereotypes is necessarily being racist, depending on what is said and done of course. I’m not saying stereotypes are the best thing in the world but at the same time I don’t feel they can be considered equal to racism.

    • kristybrito says:

      She does make videos about specific groups. She does Jewish, Black, Italian, Dominican…I’m not sure what else.

  3. tugbaaksu says:

    I don’t feel that she is racist either. “I also believe that a lot of the people commenting are confusing racism with her acting out stereotypes. Stereotypes are introduced to us at an early age, in large part through media. Whether we choose to believe them is our own choice.” I agree with you on this. i don’t believe that she is trying to put down any group specifically, it is the media and our surroundings that mold us to believe and feel what we do.

  4. ritaquansah says:

    I don’t think that she is racist. I think some people feel the need to entertain others by doing things they see around us in the world. I may understand to why they may feel she is racist because she is picking on a selected group but people do this all the time. I have a friend who put on different accents such as british or african but i know that she is not racist. Besides i am an african and it does not bother me at all. I actually feel as though it is very funny. It is truly up to the person though to be honest, everyone have different views of things and it is their opinion, which we can not change. But as mentioned before i do not think she is racist.