When I Google, “definition of success”, the following came up on dictionary.com:


1.the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.
2.the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.
I personally am not surprised that even an online dictionary defines success as “attainment of wealth, position,honor”. When we were asked in class what we thought would make us successful in life, there were a couple of different replies. Family, owning a house, happiness, education, career and of course money,  where just a glimpse of what people consider to be success. I happened not to answer that question at the time it was asked, but if I were to answer I believe there is no better way to define my idea of success than the definition provided to us by dictionary.com.
Though I believe that family and happiness is extremely important I am a strong believer that without money, dough, cash, bills whatever you want to call it, there is no success. These days we can not own our own home yet alone rent a closet without money. Nor can we achieve any form of education without paying for it first; and if we can not afford to pay for some level of education how can we establish a successful career?! I am not talking about being the best cashier or waitress, but a career that can actually provide for all our needs, food, clothes, rent/mortgage,vacations and even the family most of us want. Let’s be honest it is extremely hard having a family if you can barely afford to support them.
The world we live in today requires money to feel any form of success. Money does not only give you all of the things listed above, but with money comes a certain degree of status and honor, both of which are very important to me. As a child I remember always talking about how I want to be part of the medical field or a lawyer because with a career like that I knew I would have lots of money but most of all I would have a name. Liana Davydov, DDS or MD looks really nice to me; but just those symbols alone provide me with a certain feeling of accomplishment and happiness, because I can a heck of a lot  achieve with a career like that.
Being a home owner can not happen without having a successful career. A successful career can not be obtained without an  education. However,  education requires money; the way I am seeing things, we can not have one without having the other. Money makes the world go round!!
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  1. jchea.sm says:

    To an extent amount, I agree with what you said. However, I think the definition of success is different for everyone. “What you see depends on what you’re looking for”, I believe anyone can be successful with or without money. It’s just that success is easier to achieve if you have money as power and resource. Take for example: a kid with a rich background is more likely to succeed because the family is able to provide education for the child. With the education provided, it’s very likely that the child will succeed. Why? Because the society that we NOW live in defines it that way- if you go look for a job, one thing companies for sure will look at is some sort of educational certification.

    I just think that the society undergoes transformation over time. So do the people that live under that society. The perspective among success change over time and generations. If we were to go back to older times, a woman is probably consider successful if she married to someone rich and have her own family. This idea may still exist, but it sure did change for a lot of women.

    With that being said, the definition of success is socially constructed because it can be viewed differently by people. Many people may see being rich is successful, but there may be some people who defines success differently. Take for example: If I were to be an artist yet I don’t make a lot but I enjoy what I do, and thus I see myself as successful because I am able to do something I like yet able to support myself. But to a certain point, I do agree that money has been seen as the marker of defining success; its an important factor that contributes to one’s success. If we are to be realistic with life, it’s all about the money- what you wear, eat, live, entertainment or luxury goods etc.