Video of Michele Bachmann trying to get her photo op in with my 8 year old son. It’s hard to hear but he leans in and tells her that his mom is gay and she doesn’t need fixing. GO ELIJAH! Love that look of shock she gets.
We were there for an Occupy Myrtle Beach event to mic check Michele Bachmann on another issue. The lgbt issue came up separately. #Occupymb

I came across this video, and thought it was really sweet. It is the third video I have watched this week that involves children of gay/lesbian people, and it has made me think more about the subject. I am pro same-sex marriage, and am glad to live in a state where it is legal. The little boy in the video tells Michelle Bachmann that his mom is gay, but doesn’t need fixing. Bachmann is outspoken about her opposition to same-sex marriages, and it taken back by the boy’s words. People who are against homosexuality claim it is against God’s, but since the US separates church and state that can’t be it. Others claim it is not found in nature, but in actuality it is found more often than not. Some people say ok to two people of the same sex having a relationship, but don’t want them to raise children. They believe it isn’t good for the kids. The other two videos were about the same thing. First a gay man’s adoptive sons were taken away because of his homosexuality. When the kids were asked if they knew and what they thought, they answered yes and it doesn’t matter. To them he is just the man that loves them and gave them a good home. The second was of a young man speaking at a public forum about his lesbian mothers. His life at home was no different than any other kid’s. I don’t think having two parents of the same sex has anything with what makes a family. A family is made up of people who love and care about you, and it doesn’t matter what their sexual orientation is.


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  1. lenaelgoldin says:


    I completely agree with what you are saying. One of my closest friends is gay and he has been with his partner for six years now. This year they were able to get married in NY and it was one of happiest days of their lives. Unfortunately, even though they are married and are very successful in their careers, it is very hard for them to start a family. They have been trying to adopt a child for the past two years now; sadly, the agencies that they worked with either told them that there is a long waiting list or rejected their application altogether. Considering that they share a beautiful home in NJ, have very stable jobs with flexible schedules and are both come from amazing families, agencies excuse for rejecting them are pretty ridiculous. Since they would never say that they are rejecting them because they are gay, some told them it was because they are unmarried (before their wedding), others because they are too young, one agency straight out told them that they do not work with homosexual clients. Although, its been really tough on them, they didn’t give up, and are currently looking a surrogate.
    Just past April, Virginia, rejected proposed regulations that would have prohibited adoption agencies discrimination against prospective LGBT parents. Only 17 states allow LGBT parents to petition for joint adoption. I think it is so unfair that perfectly fine people don’t get the chance to be parents, while so many “straight” people are unfit parents to begin with. If two gay penguins are able to raise a baby, why cant two gay parents ☺.

    Story on the two gay penguins: