Studding race and ethnicity in sociology class it was very interesting. One of the most interesting topics of the course is a question if issue of race will ever disappear. And I think there is no one answers for that question. That depends if we, people will stop defining as self’s using race criteria. The two short videos from The New York Times Magazine: “Young Mixed in America” and “Just a Family” discus issue of mixed race in American society.

The first video “Young Mixed in America” presents the organization for multiracial and biracial students where college students can express there thoughts and shares their experience with being mixed-racial member of the society. What is the most important is that they don’t think about them self’s as members of the one racial group, but those students are more likely to think about them self as mix-racial. Even though, one of the students, having one black and one white parent, and think about himself as the black person, he says that his race is black but his ethnicity can be black and white. In my opinion in reality he is thinking about himself as biracial person because he includes both races in to consideration wile defining him self’s.

Philip Kasinitz, in his work writes that children tend to choose one of the parent races to define them self’s. Although, Kasinitz theory is true, is not only one way to look at race issue and the proof is in our lives. I think if as a society will accept the mix-racialism then race wouldn’t matter as much like today.

One of the students, from the firs video, said that one day when we will continue mixing “will pop out one race.” I agree with her and disagree in the same time. I disagree, because if we thing about race as the phenotypic characteristic, like skin color, type of heir, shape of eyes, the physical differences would remain. The gens are not always phenotypically active but they remain in organism and in even further gens mixing will not end up in one color society. At the same time, I believe that one day “only one race will pop up;” but that can happened only if we as the society will stop recognize they physical characteristics of race an stop lambing them white, black, red, etc. The excellent example is the family presented inn second video “Just a Family” which present that in reality if everyone accept each other completely, physical race differences snot matter. This family is a real future of the country.


“Just a Family”

A multiracial family gathers to talk about being mixed race in America


”Young and Mixed in America”

College campuses across the United States are seeing more mixed-race students than ever before. They are leading a sea of change in how we think about race and ethnicity.


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  1. vkadar says:

    To the question, “Will we become one race one day?” I have always thought the answer is “yes” based on my personal opinion and feelings toward other races. I have almost always dated someone of a different race than I am. I am a white female, and I have only once dated a white guy who was also from the same country I am from. All the other man I’ve dated were hispanic, black, or mixed race, and I never found a problem with it. I liked each guy for his personality and of course his looks played a part in my attraction to the person too, but their race never came up as an issue to me. It only became apparent to me that not everyone ignores race as a deciding factor when choosing a mate is when my grandparents – who live in Europe – made a comment to my mother about me dating “dark guys”. (We send pictures to our family in Europe time to time.) Unfortunately many people today are still outraged by multiracial couples or adoption of a baby that is not one’s own race.
    I was recently looking at Alica Keys videos online, and I watched her video “Un-thinkable (I’m Ready)”. First of all, Alicia Keys is biracial, her mother is white and her father is African American. However, in this video she only portrays her African American side (which I think she does in many of her videos). This brings up the issue of biracial people being categorized or associated with only one race, and/or them having to choose to identify with only one of the races, which is usually the minority race (based on the “one drop rule” that unfortunately many people still consider as a ruling factor of what race a person is). I have always thought of Alicia Keys as biracial but in this video she definitely portrays a black woman who falls for a white man (and he falls for her). The video shows how blacks dating whites was looked upon as wrong in the past, as the video switches from present time to a few decades ago. However when it shows them in present time, it shows that the issue is still present today, and a white man dating a black woman still causes stir. What I found disappointing is at the end of the video, after Alicia’s white boyfriend got beat up for liking her, shows up in front of her house, and she does not go out to be with him but stays inside with her family. I guess she is trying to show that it is still not considered completely okay for people to date outside of their race.

    Here is the video I was referring to: