I recently read an article  about Bronx teenagers having the highest rates of STDS and pregnancy.  New York University Professor Vincent Guilamo-Ramos claims that  “rampant poverty, homelessness, limited access to healthcare and insufficient funding for innovative health programs contribute to the Bronx’s teen pregnancy rate.”  Furthermore, it states that New York pin points the African Americans and Latinos for being more promiscuous and that people are not considering how they are truly disadvantaged.  http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/bronx/report-finds-poverty-high-pregnancy-std-rates-bronx-teens-article-1.978632

I disagree with this article to an extent.  I think there are other contributing factors ,such as values, which are increasing these rates.  To be blunt, my first thoughts on this were that being poor does not create babies or STDS, participating in intercourse without protection does.   The article also clearly states that  Bronx teens are also more likely to use a condom.  If this is the case then why do we have the highest rates of teen pregnancy and STDs? I then did a little research and looked up the poorest cities in the U.S.  The poorest city is Allen, South Dakota and they don’t have the same rate that we do.  The Bronx was not even on the list.  Can we still say that solely poverty is contributing to such high rates of teen pregnancy and STDs?


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  1. I actually agree with you. The reason can also be that they cannot afford abortion if they already got pregnant, or protections. However, I heard planned parenthood actually does help to those who cannot afford themselves in certain care by helping to get a medical insurance, or even some hospitals should help in these kind of situations. For instance, even at the hospital where I work, they cannot turn away the patient if he/she needs medical help.
    So I would relate these high pregnancy and STI rates to having lack of education and not to poverty.

  2. T. Rivera says:

    This is a really important topic becasue lately teen pregnancy is all over the place. I agree with you that it is not solely poverty causing teen pregnancy, I think poverty is a factor that leads to less education, more disadvantegs, and less opportunities, and these things in turn lead to teen pregnancy. Also I agree with you that less values and home structure can contribute to these statistics. The media has a lot to do with it as well, sex consumes a mojority of tv, ads, even billboards, shows promote promiscuity, and everything is about how good someone looks, it is hard for a teenager to follow good values even if they wanted when poor values surround their everyday life. Teens no longer have to deal with just peer presure to have sex but pressure from society.