I’ve added this page in hopes that it will answer some questions and help get you started on contributing to this blog.  Many of the sections below are links to tutorials, videos, or step by step instructions, so have a browse.

Post Guideline

First, although your opinion is interesting, your posts here should attempt to analyze phenomena from a sociological standpoint.  Why do you find something interesting- beyond, the knee-jerk reaction of, “I like this, it’s funny, awful, etc…”; opinions say much more about you than they do about the phenomena you’re reporting.

How to Post

There are a number of ways to make posts.  The most common being:

  1. Website & Dashboard– log into the blog site with your WordPress account and make a post from there
  2. Email – set up your account so you can email a post in– just like typing a regular email
    • Can I add tags to my post when I post via email?  Yes!  Just add the following [tags x,y,z] in your email; x, y, z are your tags and be sure to include the brackets!
  3. Bookmarklet – a little button that you can add to your browser so that you can quickly add anything you find interesting

Some Editing Guidelines

This is what the editing toolbar looks like in WordPress (and many other applications including gmail):

The red numbers above the toolbar are there just to help with explanations.

  1. How do I properly re-post articles or a large section of someone else’s work?  Use the quotation marks to create a blockquote (button #6)
    • This quotation mark outdents the quoted work to clearly show that it’s not your writing. Remember, if you didn’t write it, you MUST give credit where it’s due!  Make use of the quotation marks option to indicate that you’re quoting from an article, etc.  You may also want to provide links back to the original article.
  2. What do I do when my post is really long?– Simple, split it up! (the icon under #12 in the above toolbar)
  3. What is button #15?
    • Button #15 displays a more extended toolbar for more editing options:

In this extended toolbar, #9 and #10 allow you to indent or outdent sections of your post.

For a more complete explanation of the Visual Editor Toolbars, please click here.

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